Rendez Vous, a banqueting and catering company specialising in private and corporate receptions, was established in 1996 from a passion for haute cuisine and elegance. The aim of its founders was to draw on many years of experience in the sector and create a combination of innovation and tradition to offer a quality product in your home and business, but also in prestigious villas and residences, or in unusual, pleasant, but always unique locations. Our guiding philosophy is to make every occasion a memorable event that is always unique for those who experience it and for us who plan it. Over almost twenty years, in Rome and throughout Italy, we have designed and organised events in locations with high artistic and historical value. From the small to the big event, both private and corporate, we can offer: expertise, impeccable service and absolute quality. From the very first contact, our goal is to create, especially for those who visit our Live Cooking, an opportunity to learn about the art that is haute cuisine. The criteria guiding our work are:

We love what we do, because it is our
profound vocation, and we want to share with you


Kilometre Zero is a new philosophy of nourishment that Rendez Vous has made its own. This choice stems from awareness that the procurement of seasonal products in the same region has numerous advantages. First of all, it is a guarantee of absolute quality: a rigorous selection of producers able to provide the freshest produce in season allows us to have the best of what's on the market for the preparation of delicious courses, where organoleptic and nutritional values do not undergo any change as a result of long journeys.

But Kilometre Zero also has roots in a past that we have known and loved: the past where we went in search of the breeder or the farmer able to provide us directly with food marked by a unique and unmistakable flavour, in the certainty that what we would find could not be compared with what was being sold in a shop or a supermarket. Eggs, milk, meat, vegetables and fruit all had a taste that could not be forgotten. We are committed with dedication and love to recreate that past, defending the good food of our Italian regions from invasion by products from the most disparate and unknown parts of the world.


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